April 10 2008

The 2008 Olympic Torch

The 2008 Olympic TorchLet me just get it out of the way: I am 100% behind the idea of a free Tibet, and I am not thrilled with China hosting the Olympics.

That being said: Stop attacking the torch carriers.

Those of you who think that attacking the runners somehow furthers your cause, or somehow makes “a statement”, shut up, sit down, and get over yourselves. People have every right to protest the torch, but there is no need to go beyond signs, banners, chanting, etc; there is absolutely no reason why you should be impeding the runners, or laying hands on them. At this point you are endangering yourself, the runner and all of the people around you.

You do realize these are innocent people, correct? You also realize this is an open flame? The worst thing I’ve seen so far was the person in Paris in a wheelchair carrying the torch and people started scuffling around the torch. What if it had fallen in their lap? Are you willing to injure someone to make a statement? A person that is more than likely not even Chinese? I know I certainly wouldn’t be willing to see that happening.

So, again I say, protest all you want, Tibet should be free, but assaulting the runners is just wrong on so many levels that it is mind boggling.

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