April 11 2008

May 1st Is RSS Awareness Day has decreed May 1st Is RSS Awareness Day.

I admit I was late to the Real Simple Syndication (RSS) game, as I said in RSS – Is it for me?, but as I later said in RSS Revisted, I can’t believe how much it speeds up my day now.  Where I used to go around to all my favorite blogs several times a day in hopes that they had updated, I now just click a tab in my browser every so often to check Google Reader.

So, the goal is to get as many blogs as possible to talk about the benefits of RSS on May 1st, and that’s all it takes.  If you run a blog of your own, just plan to to discuss it on that day, and look at it this way, you’ve got one less subject you need to think of for a post!  For those of you who wish to promote the event beforehand with a post, or posting a banner on your site, up through April 30th, you can even win a prize.  It seems like a win-win situation to me!

And while we’re talking about, either click here, or on the huge RSS icon in this post to subscribe to my feed.

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