April 12 2008

Must… Write… More…

WritingIt seems all I am doing this weekend is writing: here, Mashable, an upcoming project I don’t want to discuss yet.

And when I’m not writing actual articles, I’m working on tweaking WordPress templates, reorganizing categories, trying to figure out a pixel issue at another blog, and more.

In short, I am attached to my keyboard more so than usual even by my standards this weekend, and not one bit of it is for “fun”. And all of this is bringing up the laptop debate again, but I have the answer that as soon as Windows XP SP3 comes out this month, I am going with a PC laptop. One of my co-workers at Mashable made an excellent point that I can basically get two PC laptops for the price of one Mac, so think of it as a really odd extended warranty.  All I know is that I need a new laptop ASAP, this one has seen better days, and the “d” key has a mind of its own.

Alas, I must get back to checking over 20,000 articles by hand to find something.  Good times.

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