April 16 2008

Fashion FAIL!

Jeans Bikini PantsOne of my co-workers at Mashable, Stan Schroeder, sent out a Twitter update about some new jeans, so I had a look, and what you see to the left is what I saw.

Apparently these brilliant things are the brain child of some fashion group named Sanna’s Brazil Fashion out of Japan.  You can see more of pictures of these… things… over at their website.

I would love to know what idiot thought these were a good idea.  The original blog post Stan linked to over at Style Talk actually seems to think they are a good idea, referring to them as “sensuous” and “economical” at $88 for those in the USA buying them.

All I can say is, “please don’t.”  I would hope people would have enough sense not to buy these things, but you never know, but it’s about the last fashion trend I think I ever want to see taking off.

And, I’m sorry, maybe it’s a guy thing, anything that low on my hips would drive me bonkers I think.  I would constantly be wanting to pull them up!

Anyway you slice it, these things are so bad, I just had to share.

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