April 17 2008

Scarlett From The G.I. Joe Movie

ScarlettThe second character shot from the G.I. Joe movie is out and it is of the covert agent of the team, Scarlett. About a month ago we got the shot of Snake-Eyes, which I loved, but this one I am mixed on.

I’m thrilled she has her crossbow, red hair and the ponytail, but why all black for the outfit? Yes, her original outfit was a bit goofy, but basic black seems boring to me. I’m hoping maybe this is like a “final mission” of the film outfit or something.

Normally I would tell you to see the bigger version of the pic here on my site, but since the first site to run the pic,, decided to be annoying and watermark the image, you’ll have to go to their site to see the mondo sized pic. (ETA: These asses have now blocked linking directly to the picture and insist you go through their main page, as I feel their being a bit draconian, no link for them)  I give them full credit for being the first with the pic, but come on guys, watermarking? Are we 5-years-old? If anyone deserves to mark an image, it’s the studio, not some halfwit website, or are you going to tell me you took the image yourselves? Yeah… that’s what I thought.

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