April 23 2008


ReadBurnerAdam Ostrow, one of my editor’s at Mashable, has launched… well, re-launched, an exciting web application that I can’t believe how much I enjoy.

ReadBurner had a short-lived run earlier this year that got the tech bloggers buzzing, but then it sadly went away when it got more popular than people could handle.  Adam, along with  Drew Olanoff, Thomas Connors, and Alexander Marktl, saw an oppurtunity to sweep in, re-design it, and bring it back better than before.

Google sharingSo what does it do that makes it so interesting?  For those of us who use Google Reader for our RSS feeds, we have the ability to click a handy little button that lets us share whatever stories we find interesting with those people who are in our Google contacts.  Until ReadBurner it was just amongst friends, but using some of Google’s handy ways of sharing tools, RB shows you which stories are being shared the most, how many times it has been shared, and who it is that thought it was worth passing around.

For those that might worry that you’re being shared without your permission, no worries.  You have to manually add your feed to ReadBurner.  (You can find the link to your items by clicking on “Your shared items”)

Is it interesting?  Oddly, yes, but I couldn’t tell you why exactly.  It does bring some stories to your attention that you might have otherwise missed, or never even been aware of, but that also adds to the amount of information you have to process in a day, but it’s fun, so who cares.

The stories do trend towards being more about what’s going on in the tech side of things, and it may not be quite as useful to say someone who like politics, but that’s why people need to spread the word.  The site is only as good as the people who add their feeds, and while I already love the site, I think with more diversity to the stories, it’ll be even better.

So what are you waiting for?  Come over, join the fun, add your feed.  Oh… and it’s optimized for mobile devices.

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