April 24 2008

Triumph – A Facebook App

Triumph - A Facebook AppFacebook finally got an application I’m enjoying: Triumph.

Simply put, you fight people… endlessly.  You start off with a small kingdom and start building your offenses and defenses, trying to attack your neighbors to capture some of their land.  As the game progresses you can join an alliance which basically means if someone picks on you too much, your alliance members will attack them to tell them to back off.

It is deceptively easy because you think you only need to worry about the war aspect, but you also have to manage your lands with things like commercial zones (to generate cash), residence (your people need somewhere to live), military bases (to increase your troops effectiveness) and so on.

Does it accomplish anything?  No, but it’s fun, it’s a nice break between writing articles, and I fully admit I like to imagine I am in control of the vast lands and armies of Seanlandia… we have cupcakes on Tuesdays… after the weekly beheading of my enemies.

If you’re on Facebook, check it out, see if you can take me on!  (HA!  I shall crush you like worms beneath my heel!… and, no, M, it’s not a high heel)

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