April 28 2008

Elite Tech News Podcast 6 – Where Are My Pants?

Elite Tech News PodcastI got the chance to be a last-minute fill-in guest last night on the Elite Tech News podcast with all of the regulars:

Mark “Rizzn” Hopkins of Mashable
Steven Hodson of WinExtra
Frederic from The Last Podcast
Jason from Webomatica
Art Lindsey of

We discussed a wide range of topics for over an hour including, with links by Frederic:

  1. Twitter’s personnel and uptime issues and the college student who claimed to be arrested in Egypt and used Twitter to communicate with the outside world… and I insulted the entire country.
  2. Border Agents Can Search Laptops Without Cause, Appeals Court Rules where I somehow made everyone think I take horrible vacation photos.
  3. Faster – Why Constant Stress is Part of Our Future wherein we learned Mark likes to blog sans pants.
  4. Microsoft’s Mesh
  5. Yahoo/Miscrosoft deal *snore*

And some final BitchMemes for the week

  1. Video comments on TechCrunch and Seesmic in general
  2. Mike Arrington in general

It was a great time, and hopefully I can come back to join them again someday in the future. So, for all of you who have always wondered what I sound like, here ya go. (or you can click here to listen)

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