May 8 2008

Buffy Season 8, Issue 14


Buffy, The Vampire Slayer Season 8, Issue 14Characters Seen:

The Japanese Vampires left a “Welcome to Tokyo” message painted on a building… in Aiko’s blood, with Aiko herself strung up above it on the side of the building.

Buffy orders her cut down, and carries her to a Japanese castle wrapped in a shroud, depositing her at the foot of a shrine. She then sits there until night, when Willow finally appears and asks her how long she plans to sit here, to which she replies, “Just ’til I figure out what to do next.” Willow offers to conjure up some blankets (when did she start materializing physical items of nothingness?)

Instead the girls walk around the shrine, discussing how to fight these vampires. What can they do to fight enemies that turn to air every time you try to hit them? A voice off screen says, “I assume you’ve considered using Carolina’s grasp…”

It’s Dracula. He’s decked out in his 19th century finest: top hat, little sunglasses, a cane. “I mean, you’re not complete idiots, are you?” In the background you can see Xander running up with Dracula’s suitcases.

Buffy inquires what he is talking about.

Dracula: It’s a rudimentary containment spell. Do you still have a witch in your employ?
Willow: I’m standing right here.
Dracula: Ah yes. I should have recognized your acrid stench.

Such a charmer. Any way, he tells Willow the ingredients, and after some various bitching about where he’ll sleep, he points to Aiko’s body, “Is somebody going to finish eating this?”

The vampires are going over their plans. The big red ring amplifier will be ready within 12-hours, and the robotic countermeasures are almost ready. The head Vampire wants guards around back, he doesn’t expect the Slayers to come in the front. Meanwhile, the female vampire is hanging upside down from the ceiling, but ever her other Vamps aren’t quite sure what she’s doing.

Renee, the African American Slayer, is running around in a school outfit, screaming about being lost, and how she lost her tour group. A Vampire out for a smoke offers to help her, and leads her through a park to get her where she’s going. Just as he tells her you have to be careful because you never know how you might run into, and vamps out… the Scooby gang tells him he’s right and drop from a tree, with Willow casting the spell to put him in a mystical box.

They tell him it’s hard to fight an enemy who turns into air… until you remember air burns. The make a hole in the box and dump gasoline in on him. He says he will tell them whatever they want if they won’t burn him, and immediately starts spilling his guts. (my note here… this was WAY too easy, he coughed up EVERYTHING) Somehow the scythe will help Kumiko, the female Vampire, cast a spell that will reverse the Slayer spell, reversing all of them back to human. All he knows they are on alert and it is supposed to happen before dawn.

He begs to be let go, but Buffy informs him this is war and tosses a lighter in with him.

The Slayers are preparing for a fight, but Buffy and Satsu are arguing. Buffy wants her to stay at the castle and lead Aiko’s squad who is shook up by her death. Satsu says she is actually telling her to stand down, and she won’t have it.

Satsu: So, you’re either leaving me behind to avoid me or protect me.
Buffy: Satsu–
Satsu: I don’t know if I should be hurt or touched, but either way, I’m not following your orders, not this time. I’ll see you on the battlefield. Ma’am.
Buffy: (after a pause) I can’t believe I find it sexy when she calls me “Ma’am”.

Xander and Renee are preparing also, but having a very different conversation about how Xander wants to consider this their first date so they can avoid the usual awkwardness that comes with it. (This part took forever, I’m cutting it down as it was usual Xander fumbling all over himself… well written, just long)

Renee: So let me get this clear… When people ask what we did on our first date, you want me to tell them we dressed me up like a schoolgirl… used me as bait on the streets of Japan.. LIT A VAMPIRE ON FIRE… Then geared up to go into battle with several hundred other girls… and Dracula.
Dracula: I resent that. (You hadn’t seen he was in the room until this) I would never go on a date with the two of you. Even if you begged. So don’t even bother asking.

Renee opts to not call this their first date, but she will get rid of the awkwardness and plants a huge kiss on him… until Dracula asks them to stop… which they don’t.

The Slayers are out in the city, they’ve set up a perimeter around the Vampire base. Buffy says they have to get the scythe and then the Vampires can’t hurt them… except with the usual biting, stabbing and clawing. She says they need a big distraction, to which Willow says if they’d all shut up she’ll take care of it. Once they’re quiet, she casts the spell, a flash of blinding light, and you see the vampires in terror while pointing up…

Dawn… still a giant… appears, and starts stomping on vampires and smashing her fists into buildings. Andrew, in his usual manner says, “Well there’s something you don’t see every day.”

The Scoobys and a few back-ups get in and immediately find the leader watching the action out a window, holding the scythe over his shoulder. Buffy reaches for it while saying he may as well give up… hologram.

Xander’s face gets sprayed with blood.

The leader has appeared with the scythe… and run Renee through with it.

End of the issue.

Eh… the pacing felt off this issue, and getting the information about the plan seemed a little convenient. Overall I’m liking the story arc, but it almost seems like they have more to do than they have issues for. Glad to see the Satsu thing isn’t just forgotten, but will be interesting to see where it goes. With Renee apparently dead, I am sure this will lead to another Buffy/Satsu talk about how bad things happen to those that love the Scoobies.

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