May 15 2008

How I Did With Last Year’s TV Predictions

Since there are no upfront presentations today, I thought I’d score myself on how I called last season’s predictions.


Samantha Who? (formerly “Sam I Am”)

Sean’s take: Sam I Am stars Christina Applegate… anyone remember “Jesse”? Yeah… exactly my point. In sandwiching this between Dancing With The Stars and The Bachelor makes NO sense. And could someone tell me how The Bachelor keeps finding this many desperate women?

It survived, and actually got decent reviews and ratings.

Caveman and Carpoolers

Sean’s take: No one, NO ONE, is upbeat about Caveman. I have no clue how it even made the schedule. And Carpoolers? A sitcom set… in a car… yeah, okay.

Both flopped.

Pushing Daisies, Private Practice, Dirty Sexy Money

Sean’s take: All three sound like crap basically. I don’t like Grey’s Anatomy, so Private Practice holds no interest for me. Dirty Sexy Money is just a silly name, and Pushing Daisies… look, it’s Dark Angel season 2! Private Practice may last, the other two won’t.

Well, I ended up loving Pushing Daisies, and all three went on to second seasons. Wow did I blow this line-up.

Big Shots

Sean’s take: Is it just me, or does Big Shots sound like a drama version of the earlier discussed Carpool?

This never even made it to air. I’ll count it in my favor!

Women’s Murder Club

Sean’s take: I like James Patterson, so Women’s Murder Club may be okay, but, sucky time slot.

It got the ax.

ABC Score: 4 out of 8


Big Bang Theory

Sean’s take: Big Bang Theory could be mildly amusing, but it won’t last. It’s a one or two joke show, better as a movie… that’s already been done to death.

I ended up watching it and liking it, and it got a second season. Though I was right about it only being one or two jokes.


Sean’s take: Cane might be okay, but, again, it sounds like the plot of a movie, not a series. That always spells trouble to me.


Kid Nation

Sean’s take: … um… Kid Nation sounds really, REALLY god awful. This description prompted me to email the friend who got me the show descriptions and ask her if she had made this one up.

It got in all sorts of legal trouble and won’t be getting a second season.


Sean’s take: OH WOW! Angel is back on the air!


Viva Laughlin

Sean’s take: I enjoyed the British original, Viva Blackpool, but it was also only six episodes long, not twenty-two. This will go over about as well as Cop Rock did, which is sad. Cop Rock sucked… Viva Blackpool didn’t.

I was wrong… it went over WORSE than Cop Rock. However, it still counts for me!

CBS Score: 4 out of 5

Fox LogoFox


Sean’s take: For a “drama”, the description for K-Ville sure mentions “comedy” a lot.


New Amsterdam

Sean’s take: I give New Amsterdam six episodes. It’s Highlander as a cop. Who cares?

Canceled… after eight episodes. You have to give me points for being darn close!

Back To You

Sean’s take: If Back To You was on any other network, I’d be pumped. I love Kelsey Grammer. But, it’s on Fox, so my expectations drop dramatically.


Kitchen Nightmares

Sean’s take: I love the British version of Kitchen Nightmares, also hosted by Ramsay, but not sure how the American audience at large will take to this.

Second season in the works.

Search For The Next Great American Band and Nashville

Sean’s take: Well… American Band is just CBS’ Rockstar with a loose connection to American Idol. And Nashville sounds like a snoozer to me.

Both got the ax.

Fox Score: 5 out of 6



Sean’s take: Journeyman? I liked this show when it was called QUANTUM LEAP! If it survives the season, I’ll be shocked

Well, it was better than I expected, but I was correct in that it got axed at episode 13.


Sean’s take: Chuck won’t make it. Stupid name, format is wrong for TV.

bzzt, it got a second season.

Bionic Woman and Life

Sean’s take: Bionic Woman will flop… badly. Life sounds like a movie, not a series.

1 for 2 here, Life is going on, Bionic Woman crashed and burned.

The Singing Bee

Sean’s take: The Singing Bee? Really… do I need to say anything?

Eh, it stuck around longer than I thought it would, but it’s missing from the new schedule.

Lipstick Jungle

Sean’s take: Lipstick Jungle could go either way. Depends on how different from Sex And The City it is. If they try doing a sanitized version of it, with nothing original, MAJOR flop.

Well… hmmm, I guess I was sorta 1/2 right.

NBC Score: 3.5 out of 6

The CW LogoThe CW

Aliens In America

Sean’s take: Aliens In America… I want to see some footage. I’m very neutral to the material for now.



Sean’s take: The Reaper… hello “Brimstone” from the Fox 1998 schedule! Wait… it’s a comedy?!? Um… yeah… again, I’ll have to see footage.

Renewed. It was so-so.

Gossip Girl

Sean’s take: Yay! I don’t have to go anywhere near channel 385 on Wednesday’s! YAY!


Online Nation, CW Now, Life Is Wild

Sean’s take: Well… yet another “Watch videos from the web!” show, and a show that will make teenagers attention spans even shorter as they are force fed a line of what someone in office has deemed “cool and hip”. Yeah… won’t be watching. Life Is Wild… isn’t this based on yet another British series? Do we have NO original ideas left in America?!?

Did any of these even make it to air?!? Oh well, they aren’t on the upcoming schedule.

The CW Score: 4 out of 6

So, my final score is somewhere around 20.5 out of 31, depending on how you define some things. Not a bad over all score, but it also helps I am extremely harsh on everything I guess.

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