May 21 2008

Insomnia Cookies

insomnia cookiesThe other night I was watching the ABC 7 New York News, and heard about a business I had no clue existed, Insomnia Cookies.

The premise is simple in that you can have cookies delivered until late at night (general cut-off is 12:00 AM to 2:30 AM, depending on location), satisfying those late night cravings. Healthy? No. Delicious and comforting? Probably.

It started off as one guy in his dorm room in Pennsylvania (probably near the ocean…) and he would bake and deliver the cookies around the campus himself. After five years in business, he has now expanded to twelve university campuses, including the recently opened New York University store. The difference for the NYU location is that they also cover part of the city itself, greatly expanding their customer base, and they plan to open more stores around the city to cover more of the metropolis.

I know I don’t normally cover this sort of thing, but the concept intrigued me. Back when I had my retail comic shop, we were located four blocks from Truman State University, so of course we had heavy patronage from there. For about a year or so, we had an Akita that hung out at the store because his owner, a customer of ours, had no air conditioning in his apartment, so we let the dog stay with us while he went to class so it would be cool. Othello loved everyone, and never caused a problem, and our customers said many times they liked him being there because it made them feel more comfortable, like they were at home.

This is what Insomnia Cookies reminds me of. Going off to school, or moving to a city like New York City, can make you feel isolated, and makes you miss the comforts of home. What is more comforting than freshly baked cookies? Cookies you buy in the store are just… blech, but a freshly baked one with milk (which they will also deliver) is a little slice of Heaven.

I’m kind of glad we don’t have one of these in my town because I’m trying to lose weight, but it would certainly be tempting some nights to have someone bring me cookies. Kudos to them for such an excellent idea.

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