May 26 2008

Apple Fans With Too Much Time On Their Hands

tinfoil hatsYou know, I love my iPods, and it is true I have watched each announcement with great interest, but there is a point where you want to tell people to just get a grip.

While cruising my RSS feeds today, I stumbled across this post on 9to5Mac that just made me want to run out and buy certain Apple fans tinfoil hats.

According to ImportGenius that started this whole conspiracy theory, they have uncovered some mysterious cargo containers destined for Steve Jobs. Instead of the usual decelerations of “desktop computers” or the such on the forms, these are labeled as “electric computers”, and since this has never been seen before, they must be the rumored 3G iPhones. They then go into great detail about where the containers are going, how many of each, etc.

Here’s the thing, everyone knows a new iPhone is coming, it’s almost a given seeing as reports are coming from all over that inventories are depleted at Apple stores all across the country. This is a typical move by Apple when they are about to update a product, and it’s a sensible one to let the old models disappear. We also know that firmware.0 is due out in June, and that Steve Jobs is addressing his annual developers conference on June 9th.

So, all the pieces are in place through the normal channels for the update to happen, and that makes it fairly safe for someone unknown to make a prediction. The site is not one I’ve ever heard of, which doesn’t mean that much, but what an interesting way to bring attention to yourself, and get site that probably would never mention you otherwise to talk about you. (yes… including me)

Beyond this cargo container conspiracy, and the general suspicions and rumblings, I would like to remind everyone of something… are you ready for the truth I’m about to lay on you?… have you sent the youngins’ out of the room so they will not be exposed to this reality-bending truth?… the iPhone is… wait for it… a phone.

Stop it! Don’t jump! It’s not worth it!

Yes, it is true that the iPhone does do more than your standard phone, and it is quite cool, but the craziness over an upgrade is just a bit much.  I am sure the new version will do more than the old version (and congrats to those of you in a two year contract since it has only been a year since the first iPhone), but is it something going to stop being a device to make and receive calls?  Again, yes, I know what all it does, but the absolute fervor over a gadget is just amazing me.  You have to give Mr. Jobs huge kudos for getting people this excited over… a phone.

I have another bit of news for all of you, speaking as a long time iPod user… guess what, he’ll update it again next year… and the year after that… and the year after that… so you best get used to this.

Now, anyone know where the cargo containers are with the new Millennium Falcons?

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