May 31 2008

Apple Fans Begin To Worry Me

steve jobs iKoolAidThe other day I talked about how Apple fans were obsessing over some info on cargo containers.  I thought, “Okay, one off oddity, whatever.”

Yeah… I was wrong.

Two more stories have popped up since then that make me wonder how you can obsess this much over a company and its products.  On May 29th they were all worked up over the fact the main New York City Apple store was shutting down to film a TV commercial.  Lots of pointless, and some blurry, photos were posted of the event, and an obsession over what could be seen.  It fits in with the general obsession though to try to figure out what new items are due for release.  A bit much, but not horrible.

The story that truly killed me came from AppleInsider, who got it from ifoAppleStore, and it’s just wackiness incarnate.

Boston recently got a store, and there was a lot of excitement over it in Apple circles, but this is just nutty.  Did you know it has 3 water closets, but only 1 kitchen sink?  It’s true, and I was just shocked as you are.  550 lighting fixtures bring you all the light to view your shiny new iPods by, and the Macs can be plugged in to any of the handy  224 electrical receptacles.

Could someone, any one, explain to me the fascination to dig this deep down into the minutia of what goes into building an Apple store?  A site that is 100% devoted to the going ons of the retail outlets, even listing when teenagers are detained at a location?

I have no problem with Apple or its products.  I think they are all well built, nice to look at and do their jobs efficiently.  However, the rabid Apple fans almost scare me away from the products.  Is there something built in to the products that make their users slowly go insane with devotion and addiction?  Do they come with packets of iKoolAid that I have somehow missed?

Don’t get me wrong, I can understand being devoted to a brand.  When I still drank sodas, I was a Coca-Cola only kinda guy.  Pepsi did not pass my lips in years, and even though my family collected Coke memorabilia for many years, it was more out of an interest in the history.  However, I don’t think you would have ever caught us going over the plans for a bottling facility to see how many light fixtures it had.

So, again, perhaps this is just lost on me, but what is the fascination?  What possible devotion can inspire someone so much to want to know the count of lighting fixtures in a store?  Is there a blog yet that tracks the number  of times Steve Jobs goes to the bathroom in a given day?  “Stave went to the restroom at 12:33 PM today, a full 3 minutes later than usual… 3 minutes… 3G iPhone… coincidence?  I think not!”

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  • Umm… kind of like obsessing over upcoming Transformers movies?

    Yes, some people get into the minutiae a bit too much. But when you’re engrossed with something, especially something enveloped in secrecy and even mystery, a lot of little details become much more significant. Look at the TV show Lost, where the tiniest blur on a single frame leads to rumors and theories and what not. To outsiders, it just seems insane. To insiders, it ranges from interesting to maybe a bit nuts.

    But especially in the absence of solid info on something you are very much anticipating, the smallest things become much more relevant. Me, I’m trying to read the tea leaves about when the iPhone will arrive in Japan and who will be the carrier….

  • Luis – I think their is a fairly large difference between reading a blog post about a movie, and forming an opinion, as opposed to looking up building permits for a store. I don’t even fault someone as yourself for “reading the tea leaves”, it helps in your purchasing decisions, but what possible help is it to any one to know how many kitchen sinks there are in the Boston Apple store?

  • You know, sometimes I’m amazed myself at the level of world-wide interest in Apple and its retail stores. Whew! But really, it’s all about making connections with people, both through the Internet and in-person. I’ve made a lot of friends along the way.

  • Roy

    The funny thing is, it’s not the long time Apple users who are obsessive. People like me who have been using Macs since OS 6 are not as crazy. The new converts from Windows are the ones that are obsessive. Kind of like the way born again Christians are…