It seems in Sweden you aren’t allowed to dislike any one for any reason, and if you do, someone will cry to the government about it. Duncan Riley at The Inquisitr wrote up a story this weekend that is just jaw dropping in its oddness.  It seems that an 8-year-old in Sweden has set off… read more

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Who are these analysts, and how do I get their sweet job? Craig Berger at FBR Research has issued a report that he expects an iPod line refresh in the near future, especially on the iPod Classic and on the iPod Touch.  This is something akin to saying, “the sun will rise in the east… read more

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June 28 2008

Working From Home

On Saturdays and Sundays I put in 8 hours each day with Mashable, working on my lists for the coming week.  Since my lists are rarely time sensitive, this works out great, except for one small problem.  Have you ever tried working from home? I admit I break the golden rule of home working in… read more


The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) group, the people responsible for regulating the rules of domain names, passed a new measure today that could either be the greatest idea ever, or the worst. According to Times Online, people will be able to purchase pretty much any top level domain they can think… read more



June 27 2008

New Blog Design

I hope you all like it, because it’s here to stay for a while!  I’ll be adding little tweaks, and please let me know if you run in to any bugs/problems, but I think we got those all worked out last night. Just as an amusig aside, I couldn’t believe how different browsers did different… read more

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June 26 2008

Excuse The Dust

If things appear a little odd over the next 24 hours, it’s because I am finally installing a new theme on the site.  It’s been up a few times, but we keep finding little bugs.  So, just hang in there and all will be well soon… I hope!… read more

The record industry is making me slam my head into the wall again. Our friends at the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), Society of Singers, Rhythm & Blues Foundation, Recording Academy and others make up a coalition named musicFIRST.  According to David Kravets at Wired, said coalition has decided that it is time that… read more


Message forum etiquette is one of those things that you could say seems to have disappeared over the years, but that would imply it ever existed. Cries of “newb/n00b” whenever someone joins, insulting choices when one likes a piece of technology another member doesn’t, and on and on. Well, apparently I am not the only… read more


More teachers, more sex with students. Christel C. Gravlin, a 33-year-old former teacher at the Lisbon Central School in New York, plead guilty in March to having a sexual encounter with a student in November 2007.  She and the 15-year-old were in a one to two week relationship, and she was charged with 3rd degree… read more

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George Carlin was never one to skirt controversy, but no one can ever deny he had a profound effect on comedy.  Not many comedians could claim that one of their routines, Seven Dirty Words in Mr. Carlin’s case, was turned into a definfing case on onscenity before the Supreme Court of the United States. At… read more


Why is it that older bands such as Kiss and Metallica can’t accept that the record industry is changing to finally favor the fans? In a recent interview with AOL, Gene Simmons had some strong words for the fans of music. “The record industry is dead. It’s six feet underground and unfortunately the fans have… read more

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As part of the nature of the AnimeUSA business, we end up doing 26 conventions around the country each year. We go in, set up for the weekend, sell for 3 days, pack up and do it all over again.  As we currently work it, it is my parents who go out to the conventions… read more


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