June 2 2008

Bo Diddley

bo diddleyBo Diddley was one of those musicians that most people would see him and go, “Oh yeah, that guy with the square guitar.” Then they would just move on. Sometimes, and even worse, they remember him for that “You Don’t Know Bo” TV commercial with Bo Jackson.

Without Bo, rock n’ roll wouldn’t have moved forward like it did. Bands like the Rolling Stones may not have happened, and his influence is still heard in guitar riffs all over the musical spectrum.

His guitar playing was always a mixture of pulse-pounding riffs mixed with a sense that at any moment they might spin wildly out of control, losing all semblance of planned music. His playing always seemed to leave you with a sense of wanting to say, “Whew! We made it out alive!”

In short, he was one of the greats, and it’s a sad day for music that he’s gone. Hopefully history will remember him well for his contributions to the musical sounds we enjoy today.

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