June 4 2008

Buffy Season 8, Issue 15


Buffy, The Vampire Slayer Season 8, Issue 15Characters Seen:

We pick up right where we left off, with Renee dangling from the end of the scythe.

We then cut to her perspective as everything slowly goes all white. She’s screaming inside her own head, wondering where her voice went, watching as Xander races towards her. As he gets to her, she’s gone.

He falls to his knees to cradle her body as Dracula looks on. Satsu snaps everyone back to reality, screaming that they have a man down, Buffy follows this up telling the slayers to circle him and guard. Dracula yells at that she needs to go, that he needs her witch, but Buffy won’t leave Xander alone. Dracula vamps out and snarls, “He’s not alone.”

Buffy yells for Satsu to take command as she heads for the window, and stares down many floors to Willow and Kumiko, the vampire witch, fighting in mid-air. They are countering blow for blow, and Kumiko makes asks Willow if she thought she was the only student of Saga Vasuki, and states they speak the same language. Willow says good, and mind melds with her. She sees the lizard demon we saw in her dreams several issues ago, but this time it speaks and says that she would find her, did she really think she could hide from who she is, and what is to come.

Willow mutters, “Goddess” and passes out while Kumiko comes back at her. Buffy leaps from the building, lands on Kumiko’s back and stakes her. Buffy and the passed out Willow plummet to the ground, with Buffy trying to wake her up.

The Slayers on the ground are out numbered and calling for a retreat. Dawn steps on some vamps and informs them that they don’t retreat. She points to the building they are going for, and orders them forward. Some of the Japanese vamps mention deploying a counter-measure. As Dawn races forward, she gets punched by… Mecha-Dawn. Yes… a robot version of herself.

The vamps are ready to cast their spell, but can’t find Kumiko. Another vamp steps up to cast it, and as the system boots, they hear approaching screaming. The Satsu/Dracula team busts through the door: Dracula takes out the spellcaster while Satsu gets the scythe and ends up falling off the side of the building.

At street level, we find Buffy did wake-up Willow during the fall in time for her to turn the sidewalk to water. They get out of the pool and look up to see Satsu falling. As they watch her falling, they have a rather lengthy discussion about how Willow hopes Buffy doesn’t hurt Satsu, and she’s okay with Buffy not sleeping with her since Buffy isn’t her type, as a matter of fact she’s not even on Willow’s list. Honestly, this conversation went on far too long for watching someone fall, but they do finally end it to go catch her.

Willow flies the two Slayers back to the roof, and they get back to attacking vamps. Buffy swings at one with her scythe, complaining about them turning to mist. Dracula tells Willow to take his sword and use the spell magnification disc to cast a spell that will take away all their shifting abilities. Willow does the spell, everyone is bathed in light, and all the Japanese vampires are back to ordinary vamps. The Slayers start tearing through them.

Dawn is still fighting Mecha-Dawn, who has now taken to saying things like “I am a teenage girl”, “I cry a lot”, “I often let boys take advantage of my weak emotional states” and so on. Andrew radios Dawn to tell her he thinks if she gets the head off, the robot will stop. She wants to know how he knows this and he informs her, “Hi. Have you met me?” Dawn rips the head off, the robot stops.

One of the lead vamps gets his hands around Buffy’s neck, “I bet you taste sweet Slayer.” Satsu stakes him as she says, “You have no idea,” followed by “I can’t believe I just said that out loud.”

Dracula tells Willow to throw his sword, but the lead vampire catches it. He taunts Dracula about being an old man and how does it feel to be an ordinary vampire again. He lunges at Dracula he dodges, grabbing his sword back, and tells him he was never an ordinary vampire. As he cuts off the vamps hands, and one of his his legs, he gives him the history of who he was before he was a vampire, and that the “old man” in him is who he needs to fear.

The vampire says Dracula has to kill him now, it’s the honorable thing. Dracula says, “It’s not my place to kill you…” he looks at Xander, “and you know nothing about honor.” He hands Xander his sword, and he promptly cuts off the head of the vamp who killed Renee.

The vamps are running, Buffy orders a perimeter to be set up, none of them are to get out. She walks over to Xander who falls to his knees and hugs Buffy’s waist as Satsu takes command of killing off the stragglers.

Xander sits on a bench, several days of beard stubble, as Dracula tells him his ship is in port. He asks Xander if he would like assistance with his task, he replies that he doesn’t, he needs to do it on his own. Dracula says “Goodbye, Manservant.” Xander informs him that if he calls him that again, he will kill him in his sleep.

Dracula: Hm. Perhaps you’re right. Something like “Lackey” or “Minion,” then.
Xander: Absolutely not.
Dracula: “Houseboy”?
Xander: Still getting killed.

The scene cuts to Buffy and Satsu sitting on a bed, talking. Satsu is sorry that she can’t act like nothing happened, and that she doesn’t think she can be around Buffy anymore. Buffy tries to say she’ll help, but Satsu says it’s the fact she’s in love with Buffy, and she needs not to be. She wants to stay in Tokyo and take over the Slayer division there. Buffy tries to talk her out of it, but she finally relents. She wants to know if they just say good-bye now, but Satsu says good-byes can wait until tomorrow as their faces draw closer.

Dracula is on his ship, talking to the captain who says the crew want to go down below if he needs nothing else. He tells the captain that it won’t be necessary. As we see Willow meditating with the demon swirling in the mist, Dracula says, “We have a cold journey ahead of us…”. The next panel is Buffy and Satsu making love, Dracula continues with, “Find what warmth you can for now…”. The last panel is Xander dumping Renee’s ashes, “and I’ll stand watch alone.”

There ends this story arc, and… what utter crap. Mecha-Dawn? I mean, fine, I know you have an “unlimited budget” in comic books, but that was just too silly for words. The Willow/Buffy talk as Satsu fell was silly as all get out. There were some good moments in the whole thing, but Drew Goddard needs to stay away from trying his hand at comedy, because he fails. “Find what warmth you can for now…” pretty much sums up Buffy’s relationship with everyone except for Angel. How many times are we going to go down this road?

It feels like we spent four issues rehashing old themes in Buffy, and what a waste that is.

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