June 6 2008

Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen

soundwaveYes folks, I’ve been trying to fight the urge, but it’s that time again. That magical time where Michael Bay makes another movie where it looks like he threw a bunch of ideas in a blender, hit “mince” and then put the results on celluloid for all of us to “oooh” and “awww” at.

It’s time for another Transformers movie.

I’ve only done one post about Transformers 2 thus far, I’ve actually been trying to be good. I know I got a little… rabid?… last time, and I thought I would try to spare you all from the same torture. Alas, Bay’s stupidity vision, is once again taking a form that will just make me go “why?” as I sit in the theater.

Yes, I’m not even going to pretend I’m not going to see it. It’s like that link someone sends you and they say, “don’t open if you’re squeamish!”, and you think, “eww… I don’t want to see this!”… -click- “Ugh, why did I look?!?”

However, hear we are, ready to click on that email come June 26, 2009 when he unleashes Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen on us. (Yes, this has been confirmed to the be the title.) This time around, Mr. Bay has opted to go with a disinformation campaign against the Internet, so I am going to stick to only official announcements, and hopefully less chatter about it in general.

The disturbing issue is that we’ve been promised more actual Autobots and Decepticons in this one (one of the writers is hinting at 10 on each side, and possibly Soundwave as one of the new ones), but yet there is an endless stream of human actors being cast, just as there was with the first movie. Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox, Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson and (sadly) John Turturro are all returning. In addition we’re getting Rainn Wilson, Isabel Lucas, Matthew Marsden and a still unnamed college roommate for LaBeouf’s character.

That is an awful lot of humans for a movie about robots from another planet. This also tells me that Bay still hasn’t realized one of the biggest issues of the first movie was there simply wasn’t enough of the actual Transformers. Starscream was always well known for being a loudmouth in the cartoons and comic books, constantly bickering with Megatron over their plans, however, in the movie, he got exactly three lines (one saying he was coming to the fight, and two with Megatron outside the dam), and wasn’t even seen until the third act of the film.

One issue that will hopefully be erased is the rather robot-free first act of the film seeing as all of the characters are already in place. Sure, we’ll probably have the new ones arriving, but at least this time we can see some of the Autobots from the opening minutes, and not just Bumblebee breaking car windows so he’ll be picked by Sam.

transformers 2 setThe film has been shooting in Pennsylvania this week at an old steel mill they’ve converted to look like a factory in China. People who can see the set have reported lots of running, explosions, military attack choppers, running Chinese people… in other words, a typical day for Michael Bay. I am sure this will pretty much sum up the entire film, as we learned with the first movie, you don’t need none of that nasty depth to your characters.

It’s a year to go, and I am sure I will have some vague hope once I hear who all the new Transformers are, then I will remember who’s directing it, and be utterly crushed. At least it will be vaguely pretty… maybe… okay, no, it won’t be, it will be a chaotic, jumbled mess, but there will be cool toys! (I hope)

One potential hiccup to this whole mess is the possible actor’s strike that may occur at the end of this month. Perhaps Mr. Bay will be forced to include more robot shots in the film as I believe the Transformers are all non-union…

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