June 11 2008

The Lindsay Lohan Obsession

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha RonsonDue to some recent changes in my work, I need to keep up with pop culture more than ever, and quite honestly it is a scary, scary place. Most of it is very run-of-the-mill stuff about who has gained weight, who is currently having a baby and so on, but the recent obsession with Lindsay Lohan and DJ Samantha Ronson is just odd.

Yes, Ms. Ronson is an out lesbian, and Ms. Lohan has only ever been seen with men, but she is now spending copious amounts of time with Ms. Ronson. So? They may very well be in a relationship, but they may also be nothing more than good friends. I know, what a concept that an out homosexual might just be friends with someone of the gender the prefer… that NEVER happens with hetrosexuals.

What kills me is why this should, or any other number of trivial matters, matter to the world at large? If Ms. Lohan has found that she is interested in women, so be it, more power to her. However, when you have an army of paparazzi following her everywhere she goes, even making it difficult for her to get in and out of her car, don’t you think that is going a bit far? Yes, she is a public figure, but does that mean she gives up the privacy that every other person in the world enjoys? Could you possibly imagine not being able to just run out to buy some shoes without a throng of people shoving cameras in your face? Somehow I don’t think the majority of people would put up with it very well.

This situation has been around as long as there have been cameras and publications willing to print the pictures, but I think the Internet has made it that much worse. Just as the Net made it easy for anyone to enjoy porn in the privacy of their home without the embarrassment of having to go somewhere to buy it, people can fulfill their voyeuristic tendencies by following celebrities in virtual anonymity. Why do you think sites like Perez Hilton are among the most trafficked pages on the Web? People enjoy looking into these people’s lives, and the Internet allows them to do it without anyone knowing about it.

Ms. Lohan and Ms. Ronson are just the latest in a long line of people to be hounded in the manner they are currently experiencing, and I feel for them. Friends, lovers, it doesn’t really matter, it has to be hard on anyone to go through this, and I feel for them.  I think people need to ask themselves why this interests them.  Do you care about these people being happy?  Do you just like it for the salacious idea of knowing what they are doing to fulfill some fantasy you have?  Why should it matter to you who someone is dating?  I just don’t get it.

(before someone leaves a comment such as, “Sean, you just said you have to keep up on pop culture, doesn’t this mean you’re doing the same thing?”… no. I am keeping up with the trend of studying the celebs, I am not writing about the celebs, nor would I want to)

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