June 15 2008

My Newest Music Interests

I noticed that as much as I talk about music, I rarely mention who I listen to. There’s the odd piece here or there that mentions it, but never anything concentrated. So I thought in an odd change of pace, I would share with all of you the latest bands I’ve found that I’m listening to on a regular basis.

I first caught Vampire Weekend on Saturday Night Live this season, and I honestly can’t tell you why I like them. Their name certainly doesn’t speak to their sound, and they aren’t the normal style for me, but their self-titled debut album is infectious. You can also check out their song A-Punk for another sample of their work.

I would have liked to have embedded the original video for That’s Not My Name by The Ting Tings, but for some reason they won’t let you. Either way, I first found out about this band from one of their songs being featured in an iPod commercial, and I was hooked on Katie White’s vocals. She doesn’t so much sing as talk the lyrics, but there is a raw, just-about-to-lose-control, primal feel to her. You can feel a real underlying set of punk roots in their music, especially towards the end of That’s Not My Name. You can also check out Great DJ for another sample.

I just found out about The Pipettes last night, and unfortunately I’ve learned they already have rotated most of the members due to being a managed band. (i.e. someone came up with the idea and hired singers) Nothing horribly original here, but is fun to harken back to the girl bands of the 1950’s and 60’s. You can also check out Because It’s Not Love(But It’s Still A Feeling), ABC, Judy and Dirty Mind.

Don’t forget, whenever possible, avoid supporting the RIAA by buying used CDs, trading on LaLa, or trying one of the sources I mentioned for free music.

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