June 16 2008

R.I.P. Stan Winston

stan winston

Stan Winston, a true master of special effects, has passed away.

While not a household name like some directors, actors and writers, many of the world’s favorite movies would not have been possible without his technical genius. Even as recent as this summer’s Iron Man, his studio was the force behind the suits of armor. He was the person who brought the menace to Predator, and he was the designer who brought the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park to life. This is but a taste of his enormous resume of contributions to the cinema.

Mr. Winston had been battling multiple myeloma, a cancer of the white blood cells, for seven years. He passed away in his home on Sunday the 15th at the age of 62. There is no word on what will happen with his studio, but you have to assume that it was continue. The question is will we see the same level of quality work as we’ve expected over the years.

He will be deeply missed by movie fans the world over.

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  • M

    So … this is the reason for Velociraptors? Fucking velociraptors. Damn you, Stan! Damn you to … hmm … nevermind. RIP man who caused and still causes the plethora of nightmares, lucid dreams and freaky OCD habits.

  • Yes, M, it’s his fault… I’m just glad you built that escape tunnel in your Volcano lair… never know when they might appear!

  • M

    I’m quoting you here: “…he was the designer who brought the dinosaurs from Jurassic Park to life.” Oh really? That makes him the reason – which means the fault lies with him. I know, be nice to the dead, but he wasn’t thinking about me when he did that. Actually – he was. He was like, “how do I scare the hell out of little children? Egads! I’ve got it! I’ll bring the demon spawn to life again to chase children for about, say, 2 hours straight. Oh, they’ll eat people during these chases too. And have carnie-like arms, to boot!”

    Those dinosaurs have grossly short arms. The whole ratio is off there …

    And yes, I have proofed my house and have escape plans for “WHEN DINOSAURS ATTACK!” It’s a shame you won’t believe me, but they are coming.

  • Well, actually you can blame Michael Crichton for writing the book, Stan merely visualized them. It wasn’t his fault they ran around for 2 hours eating people while having carnie-like arms!

    “WHEN DINOSAURS ATTACK!”… isn’t that a special on Fox, or something?

  • M

    I wish they’d attack Bill O’Reilly. I’d Tivo that and watch it every day for the rest of my life. Only under those terms would I be a fan of the dinosaurs from Jurassic Park.

  • “And on that note, I… what the… who let the velicoraptors in the studio?!?”