June 19 2008

Fond Memories

I’ve said it before, but I am not big on building posts around YouTube videos, but JL over at Little Lost Robot posted this today, and I had to share. Reasons after the video.

Back when I had my retail store front, we ended up in a never-ending Nerf war. We had Nerf guns hidden behind racks, under the desks, on top of top shelves… we had Nerf weapons everywhere. When we had an exceptionally bad day, someone would scream “NERF WAR!” and we would all dive for the closest weapon and open up on each other. Yes… sometimes with customers in the store.

While we never had anything at the store to quite rival this video, there was the time I get set loose in the Nerf showroom in New York City. I was attending Toy Fair for one of my magazine jobs, and though Nerf wasn’t something I wrote about, Hasbro was giving me the complete tour anyway.  In the Nerf room they had target ranges set up, every imaginable weapon set out, and buckets of spare ammo strewn around the room.  You were encouraged to just pick up guns and start shooting as you toured the room… I did… so did my tour guide… and my mother.  Nothing like a Nerf fight with unlimited ammo.

All that said… I love this video.

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