June 25 2008

Forum Etiquette

Message forum etiquette is one of those things that you could say seems to have disappeared over the years, but that would imply it ever existed.

Cries of “newb/n00b” whenever someone joins, insulting choices when one likes a piece of technology another member doesn’t, and on and on. Well, apparently I am not the only one who has ever found all of this to be silly as the guys over at Red Vs Blue put together a video of things you never read in forum posts.

If you don’t follow Red Vs. Blue, you won’t get a couple of those jokes (such as why the robot speaks Spanish and Caboose is… well… Caboose), but that doesn’t change that this may be the best thing ever said about the actions of people on the Internet.

As I have discussed several times before, the nastiness on the web seems to do nothing but get worse over time.  In particular, I have never understood the whole “newb” thing.  Like the people yelling about you being new to a forum weren’t also new at one time?  Were they somehow magically born with the knowledge of the forum, so they came into it knowing how to do everything?

One of the best comebacks I have heard to this was while playing an online game the other day.  Some people were mocking a “newb”, and a guy spoke up, saying to leave the new person alone.  Someone replied that they got mocked when they joined, so why shouldn’t they do it in turn?  The defender said, “Well, you know that you should mock all new people, but you don’t see me hitting my kids for not knowing how to do things.”

The newb got an apology from those mocking him.

Somehow I doubt we will ever see this age-old trend stop, but it sure would be nice.  So listen up the RvB guys… even they rant about Lost.

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