June 27 2008

New Blog Design

I hope you all like it, because it’s here to stay for a while!  I’ll be adding little tweaks, and please let me know if you run in to any bugs/problems, but I think we got those all worked out last night.

safari searchJust as an amusig aside, I couldn’t believe how different browsers did different things to the page.  As an example, this image of the search bar shows the magnifying glass out of alignment with the rest of the line.  This problem only showed up in Safari, but not in Firefox, Flock, Internet Explorer or Opera.  It has now been fixed, but what an odd little pecurality to show up, and in Safari of all places.

Any way, long story short, I think everything is working now, just let me know if you find anything else we might have missed!

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  • Jo

    I like it! Still has your signature color but much more open

  • Love it!

  • Jo – Yeah, when deciding on a new design, I figured why not bring the green with me since I’ve had it so long :P

    Leslie – Thanks!

  • Yay! I like it. In fact, I like it more than your old layout because I never maximize windows and have a small monitor. This set up is much nicer for that because now your pictures aren’t bigger than the old middle column. I can actually see all of the photos and it doesn’t cover up any of your actual content. God forbid I make my windows full screen, or use anything other than Firefox. This is so much better for me in my own little world.