June 28 2008

Working From Home

eyebrow typingOn Saturdays and Sundays I put in 8 hours each day with Mashable, working on my lists for the coming week.  Since my lists are rarely time sensitive, this works out great, except for one small problem.  Have you ever tried working from home?

I admit I break the golden rule of home working in that I don’t set up a designated work area free of distractions.  I could if I really wanted to, but I used to do that here, and I don’t miss it.  It is also in a part of the house the dogs aren’t allowed in to, and I don’t want to lock them up while I go work.

However, it’s not the distractions that get me, it is the mad urge to take a nap.  It probably doesn’t help matters that I typically sit in “the comfy chair” with a warm laptop in my lap all day, because warmth is something that will put me to sleep in a nanosecond.    The thing is, I love my chair, and it really is the only chair in the house I’m comfortable in.  I’ve tried sitting in hard wooden chair when writing, and all that did was make my butt numb for an entire day.

So, how do I fight the napping urge to get my work done?  Coffee… copious amounts of coffee.  I try to get up and walk around every hour or two just to get the blood flowing.  Even with that, there are times when I’ve woken up to a depressed key and a seemingly endless row of a letter as I pressed a key in my sleep.

While I prefer working home just for comfort and ease, it’s not always the easiest thing in the world when it comes to self discipline.  What do all you readers out there do to make sure you are productive when working from home?

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