July 31 2008

A Tale Of Two Books

Remember books?  You know, those things printed on paper… placed between two covers?  Yeah, those things!  Well, oddly enough, I heard about two today that are worth mentioning. In the seventh book of the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,an important part of the plot hinged on a fictional children’s book called… read more

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General Journalism

July 30 2008


There has been a lot of coverage in the media, especially in the UK, that the identity of well-known graffiti artist Banksy has been discovered.  I hope it hasn’t, and if it has, I would hope people would have the good sense to keep it quiet. For those of you with no clue who I… read more

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For the most part I have tried staying out of the whole controversy over the Olympics being held in China, except for one post about attacking the torch carriers, but now I’m annoyed. The media had been assured they would receive unrestricted Internet access while in the Main Press Center or at the event venues. … read more

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The Dark Knight passed $300 million in ten days, setting a new record for the fastest ever to that mark.  The previous record holder was Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest doing it in 16 days.  However, this still does not knock the film into the realm of profitability. Now, as much as I… read more

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I’m not thrilled to report that the Missouri flooding is finally in my general vicinity. Remember back in March I told you I was in no danger from the Missouri flooding?  Well, the Chariton River, a normally very tiny river you can throw a rock across, has gone eight feet above its flood stage, as… read more


Yahoo Music is shutting down, and with them go their Digital Rights Management (DRM) servers. What this translates to is that after October 1st you won’t be able to authorize new computers to play your tracks on, meaning your songs you bought would be living with an expiration date hanging over your head.  This news… read more

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Welcome back to the second episode of Scattercast! I hope you all enjoyed the first one, because the second one is far better, I feel! Here is what you can look forward to this week. Intro – Me taking care of some housekeeping of the podcast. 7:15 Bruce Lidl from DivX comes on the show… read more

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It seems Mtv has decided that it’s time for The Rocky Horror Picture Show to get a remake.  Lou Adler, the original executive producer, is involved, and they will be working from the original script, including some songs that were cut from the original movie. I really don’t care who is involved, this is a… read more


Who would have thought jumping up and down on Oprah’s couch while declaring your love for your future Stepford wife could be bad for your career? Well, it seems Tom Cruise is beginning to realize he is having problems since he went all psychotic on the Today Show, jumped up and down on that couch… read more


Can we just call this “The Breast That Wouldn’t Die“? In what seems to be the longest ever conversation about a woman’s nipple, the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals yesterday overturned the Federal Communications Council (FCC) $550,000 fine against CBS for the 2004 Janet Jackson nipple exposure during the Super Bowl.  Ars Technica has… read more

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I never thought I would see the day where Alan Moore’s 1980’s Watchmen graphic novel would be getting wide play in the world. With the wide release of the trailer for the movie being released with The Dark Knight this past weekend, there are probably more people who know about this amazing series now than… read more


Just like last year, I rang in my birthday by working on a list for Mashable. Man I hate being predictable! It was a butt-kicker of a list though, and took over eleven hours to complete (I can’t say what the subject was until it’s published), but it’s finally done.  The funny thing was I… read more

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