July 2 2008

Buffy Season 8, Issue 16


Buffy, The Vampire Slayer Season 8, Issue 16Characters Seen:

Buffy is having a bad day, and as she tells us, it started that way, and it’s staying that way.

She’s fighting a woman in a futuristic city, complete with flying cars.  The other woman has a duplicate of her scythe, and they’re punching it out, until they fall over the side of a building and start falling.  She has no clue where she is, and she flashes back to present day.

Dawn is still a giant, but she’s holding her stomach while screaming in pain.

Willow, Xander and Buffy are in the control room of the Scottish castle, eating Chinese food and discussing a possible upcoming mission.  It seems Willow seeing the serpent demon in Kumiko’s mind in the last issue gave her some information about something that will happen in New York City in two days time.

They are debating if now is the time to leave with everything that is going on, but Willow insists that whatever is going to happen, they have to be there for it.  Xander keeps trying to get details of what happened with the serpent demon, knowing that Willow had some sort of sexual encounter with it, but as he asks again, a Slayer busts in saying something is wrong with Dawn.

The Scoobies run for the woods, but Dawn is screaming for them not to come in to the area she’s in.  Since they can’t see her above the trees, Buffy thinks she’s fallen, but Dawn says she hasn’t.  Buffy is elated in the thought Dawn is back to normal size, but instead… Dawn is now a centaur.

We cut to Twilight (remember the big bad for this “season”… nice to see him/her again) talking with Warren and Amy.  Warren is ranting about his latest creation being primo and how it will get the job done.  Amy is trying to tell him to calm down, but he keeps going.  Twilight assues him it will do the job, but it is only a part of the grand scheme.  We finally see they are discussing a missile that has mystic writing on it and candles sitting on top of it.

Buffy is getting off a phone call while running to a helicopter that is going to take Willow and her to a plane.  Xander has opted to stay behind and take care of Dawn in her new condition.  As the the two ladies fly to NYC, they discuss the fact Buffy is spending loads of money again, but she assures Willow that not all of their money is stolen.  They get back to discussing whatever the event is, and if they should expect hostiles.  Willow tells her she sent an advance team and we cut to Kennedy greeting Willow at the airport, while Buffy balances far too many suitcases.  Seems she’s never been to the Big Apple, so she didn’t know what to pack.

The ladies pile into a limo, Buffy standing in the sun roof, making a fool of herself as Kennedy and Willow discuss the security measures that have been put in place.  They then mock Buffy being a tourist.

Slayers are in a conference room discussing random demon activity in the city, and they think the mystical power Willow is after is at a high rise at 53rd and Lex, but they aren’t sure.  Willow explains whatever it is, it’s temporal and would sound like a reverse echo as it appears to be coming from the future.

As Willow continues to talk, Kennedy and Buffy have a minor spat.

Kennedy: How hot am I for teacher right now?
Buffy: You know she took over the computer science class at Sunnydale? Wasn’t even a senior. My Will…
Kennedy: Hey, grubby paws off, lez-faux.
Buffy: What? What have you–who said I–
Kennedy: I love that you’re in your experimental phase– ’cause I really kinda thought you were a ‘phobe– but you put the moves on red and I’ll kill you like a chicken,
Buffy: Hamnoo?

Xander is talking with Dawn about her condition as they look out over the hills of Scotland.  Willow told Xander that this means there will probably be three stages to her condition.  Dawn is less than thrilled.  Dawn hates being a centaur, but Xander tells her she looks awesome and majestic.  As usual, Xander flubs up and calls Dawn “whiny” as she should find a non-whiny way to deal with this… she runs off.

As Xander walks back to the castle, discussing how good his foot tastes, he sees a green steak in the sky.  He screams, “INCOMING!  INCOMING!”, but it’s too late… the castle is gone and he is blown across the field.

Kennedy, Willow and a few assorted Slayers are on a balcony, Willow is casting spells, and Kennedy is saying it’s too quiet.  She is also still confused by what is going on.  They know it has something to do with the scythe, but Buffy has the weapon, so what’s the problem?  Buffy finally shows up, having changes clothes again.  The girls give her a look like it’s not right for fighting, she says she can change… a light flashes and a demon stands where Buffy was.  Kennedy says, “The other look was fine…”.  She calls for the Slayers to contain it as a fight breaks out.

Buffy is falling through a void, she comments on the extreme pain until she appears on a rooftop and gets punched by an unseen woman.  As the woman keeps hitting Buffy, she talks in an odd way.

This is toy!
You think you can spin me with a half-coi glam of a Slayer been dust more than two cen?
You’re lower than a lurk.
Buffy: Uh… English?

The readers now the woman is Fray, Joss Whedon’s future Slayer, but Buffy is clueless.

This is another set up issue, so we’ll see where it goes, but I have mixed feelings on bringing Fray into it.

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