July 6 2008

Airport Security

securityI’m trying to get ready for my trip to Seattle for Summer Mash Seattle, and I have to say this is a huge pain in the behind.

This is the first time I have flown since September of 2004, which means it is also the first time I have been on a plane since the tighter restrictions on liquids.  It also means it’s my first experience with having to pay for checked luggage.

So, I am in a bit of a pickle.  Do I try to cram everything in to a bag they will allow me to carry on, or pay the $15 for a checked bag?

I personally find the checked bag fee beyond silly, but that’s airlines for you.  As for the security measures of no more than 3 oz of a liquid, that’s also a bit of a pain when it comes to aerosol deodorants. I can manage the tooth paste, but I really hate roll on sticks, but I may just have to suffer.

It is difficult to believe how silly this has all gotten.  It’s almost as if they would prefer no one flies anywhere, but then you hear how the airlines are suffering financially with the rising cost of fuel, and they need more passangers.  I do realize the checked bag fee is to help off set fuel, but it still seems silly to me.  What makes this all even more of a headache is that I’m in Seattle for less than 48 hours, and I’m going through all of this!  Ugh!  All I can say is that I hope to see a lot of people at the event, so if you are near Seattle and don’t have a ticket yet, get on it!  Make these headaches worth it!

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