July 7 2008

Chinese Prepare For The Olympics

chinese segwaysI love the Olympics, and controversy or not, there is nothing I can do about where they are being held, and I don’t see how my watching them will hurt, so… watch I shall.

All that aside, I know this picture to the right has been circulating for ages (about a week), but I only got around to it today… and it cracks me up.  For those who have missed it, this is a practice session of the anti-terrorist team the Chinese are prepping to protect the Olympics.

Yes… they are riding Segways.

Yes… they look about as ridiculous as all get out.

I’m puzzled by two things with this entire concept.  First off, I thought you had to use your hands to control it, but it appears these are i2 models (I had to look that up) and you may be able to steer them by shifting your weight.  Of course, my second thought is… what happens if the person they are chasing happens to go up some stairs?  Yeah, yeah, they can jump off them, but it still makes me laugh.  “Curses!  Foiled by stairs!  We’ll get you next time!”

Hopefully these guys won’t be called into action, but if they are, I have a feeling they are counting on the terrorists laughing themselves into submission.

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