July 13 2008

SummerMash Seattle Recap

summermash heroesI have returned from SummerMash Seattle, and in the words of Karen Hartline of Mashable… “We rocked it out.”

For those not sure what a SummerMash is, it is a tour of seven cities Mashable is holding networking events in, where our sponsors can set up to meet people, and Mashable employees can talk with fans and startups.  So, thanks to Sun Startup Essentials program, Yoono (who is nice enough to be taking pictures of all the attendees who want them done), MySites (hi Rameen!) and SocialMediaCamp.

It was nice for me because I got out of my own town for a weekend, and finally met some other Mashable folks.  I have worked with the company for a year now, and this my first chance to meet Pete Cashmore, the CEO of the company, and the man who hired me.  (For those who are interested, you can click the image for a super-sized version of the image… it’s very exciting)  It was nice to actually get to talk to him in person and go over some of the stuff going on in the background at Mashable, and getting instant feedback on it.  I am hoping to make it to some unknown future event, but we shall see how things work out.

And no slight to Karen Hartline!  She is a fairly new hire at Mashable, and it was nice to meet her also, but Pete won first mention as for the past year he has been the guy with the funny accent (he’s Scottish) that I have talked to a grand total of 3 times on the phone.  Karen is fun, and our event planner, so much credit to her for putting the event together.

Anyway, much fun was had, and it was a delight to finally meet some of the people I work with and write about.  Do make sure to check out Mashable for info on the next six stops in the tour!

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