July 16 2008

Podcast: Thy Name Alludes Me

So, I’m prepping to start doing podcasts, and I think I have most of the kinks worked out, but I am still lacking a name!

Part of the problem is that the content will wander just like the blog does.  This week is about introducing the podcast with some random movie thoughts.  Next week is my first guess discussing a gadget, and then I have no clue.  SeanPAune Podcast just sounds odd… SpaCast (for my initials) is taken… Spodcast is taken… and no one word describes what I’m doing.

So, anyone have any suggestions?  Thoughts?  Share them!  Help me figure this out!

I am also waiting to hear feedback on what you all want to hear from it.  I am obviously leaning towards what I do here in the regular blog, but you’ll hear a lot more on my thoughts and why I think some of the things that I do.

Hopefully you all will enjoy this and it won’t be a total disaster!

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