July 21 2008

Who Watches The Watchmen?

I never thought I would see the day where Alan Moore’s 1980’s Watchmen graphic novel would be getting wide play in the world.

With the wide release of the trailer for the movie being released with The Dark Knight this past weekend, there are probably more people who know about this amazing series now than ever before.  Will it translate to film is still a huge issue, even though the trailer looks pretty spot on, because this is one of the most complex stories ever in comics.  Alan Moore, as with every project of his that comes to film, hates it already, but that’s just Mr. Moore.

I have written about Watchmen before, and normally this would be the point where I might give you an idea what the story is about, but something happened this weekend that changes the necessity of me doing that.  In a move unlike anything I have ever seen before, DC Comics, the publisher of the series, is making the entire series available for free.  Yes… free.  Over on iTunes of all places, you can now download the first issue (iTunes link), other issues are coming later, in an animated form.

When I say “animated”, I use the term loosely.  What they did was make portions of the comic move, and it is narrated like an audio book.  I would still prefer someone actually read the hard copy of the book, but this is a great way to introduce people to this classic work, and certainly a great marketing tool for the new film. Zack Snyder, director of 300, seems to be sticking to the original work pretty slavishly, but now everyone will be able to judge for themselves since the comic is now available to anyone with a computer, iPhone, iPod Touch or Apple TV.

Again, I say give the physical comic a try, but if you just don’t have the access or funds, then this is the answer for you.  Also, make sure to check out that trailer, it’s worth your time.

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