July 23 2008

Top Gun 2: Rescue Tom Cruise’s Career

Who would have thought jumping up and down on Oprah’s couch while declaring your love for your future Stepford wife could be bad for your career?

Well, it seems Tom Cruise is beginning to realize he is having problems since he went all psychotic on the Today Show, jumped up and down on that couch and then made an incoherent video for the Church of Scientology that involved insane laughing.  So with a damaged reputation, what is a former box office mega star to do?  Why, possibly return to his most well-known character of course!

Rumors are circulating of a Top Gun 2 that would have Cruise’s Maverick character back the Top Gun school as an instructor, dealing with an upstart female pilot.  Wow… there’s a shocking a twist!  Mind you the original came out in 1986, so I’m not sure why a sequel is needed 20+ years later, but by golly it sounds like they may just do it.

Between now and whenever this mythical project may be released, Cruise will have at least two other projects coming out.  First up is a “secret” cameo in the comedy Tropic Thunder, but the other is the already widely panned Valkyrie which has been plagued with production problems and a questionable script.  Rumor is that the film is suffering from some Scientology aspects that are being shoe horned into a story of people who served under Hitle in World War II.  Who knows what they are doing, but these are the rumors at this point.

You know, he’s been quiet for a while, can’t he just crawl back into his hole with his brainwashed wife and leave the rest of us alone?

Edited to add: Okay, Cruise has dropped out of this project… he’s still a whack job, though

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