July 27 2008

More Missouri Flooding

I’m not thrilled to report that the Missouri flooding is finally in my general vicinity.

Remember back in March I told you I was in no danger from the Missouri flooding?  Well, the Chariton River, a normally very tiny river you can throw a rock across, has gone eight feet above its flood stage, as you can see in the picture to the right.  (you can click on it for a slightly larger view)  It has begun to receded some, but now it is currently raining again, so who knows what it’s going to do now.

Some roads in my area have shut down, naturally, but luckily this is all still six miles from me, with little chance of reaching me due to distance and the number of valleys and such between me and it.

At the oppisite end of my town, the golf course’s private lake is breaking through it’s retaining wall, and they are having the city police shutting off roads and directing traffic.  It’s one thing for a river to flood, but I would love to know who is paying for protection from a private lake flooding out a section of town.

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