August 1 2008

Scattercast Episode 3 – Sean Goes Solo And His Voice Pays The Price

ScattercastJust me yammering at you this week folks, and I apologize in advance for my voice starting to go towards the end. Stupid pollen.

This week I talk about this story at Valleywag about people getting angry, again, about how Google Street View violates your “privacy”.

I give some thought to a comment left by Kim Greenblatt in regards to the post I did about The Dark Knight still not being profitable at the $314 million dollar mark.

And lastly I go on about this story of the band Buckcherry “leaks” their own music, and blames pirates. Stupid people.


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for those who wish to download it.

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  • Ema

    Great cast Sean. I’m enjoying hearing your opinions on stuff.

    As a fellow small-towner, I often wonder if my indifference to Google street view’s privacy issues is because there’s not a snowball’s chance in hell that google will be shooting street level in my town anytime soon, if ever. Would it tweak my tail more if I could go look at my front yard online?

    Tea w/honey before a recording can help prevent coughing, & scratchy throat. :-)

    keep them coming!