August 3 2008

The Dark Knight Finally Hits Profitability!

As of Saturday, The Dark Knight finally passed the magical $360 million dollar benchmark meaning it is officially into profitability!

Not only that, it came in number 1 at the box office for a third weekend, but it ended up finishing the weekend at $394 million in domestic box office totals.  This places it in eight place on the all time domestic box office chart, putting it in easy striking distance of becoming the highest grossing comic book film of all time.

If you’re curious what my apparent obsession with watching this movie’s gross is, I fear what what it means for the future of comic book related movies.  There is no denying it is a good movie, I even gave it a good review, but with the insane amount of money it is making, and Iron Man breaking the $300 million dollar barrier earlier this summer, we’re set for even more comic book based films coming out way.

The thing Hollywood needs to remember is that for every The Dark Knight, that there is also an Incredible Hulk.  To date, the Hulk has done $133 million gross on a $150 million dollar budget, meaning it has no shot of hitting profitability at the box office, and it’s going to have a hard time making up the difference on DVD.

Please Hollywood, don’t slaughter us with even more comic book movies in insane grabs for cash.  Pick your projects carefully, and as much as I love the Watchmen comic book, the advance fervor over the film already has me worried Warner Brothers is betting too much on it.

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