August 5 2008

Yahoo Music Comes Up With A “Solution”

I mentioned back on July 26th that Yahoo Music is shutting down, and due to their Digital Rights Management (DRM) their music files would be rendered unplayable when this happened.  Well Yahoo has come up with a solution… kinda.

Yahoo Music will be issuing coupons to their customers so they can buy their musical tracks again from Rhapsody.  The problem with this is that their tracks, while not protected by DRM, are “tethered” to devices that have PlaysForSure computability.  In other words… not on iPods, the world’s most popular digital music player.  You also can’t burn them to CD… oh yeah, this is so much better!  Great solution Yahoo!

While I understand the prediciment those who already bought the music are in, I would certainly hope no one else would continue to support these types of systems.  It is time for malarkey such as this to come to an end.  Again, you bought the music legally, you should be able to play it as you wish.  Ever bought a CD and been told you can only play it in certain CD players?  No.  So there is no reason digital media should be any different.

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