August 11 2008

What Is A Blog?

Remember when I mentioned I was writing my Daniel Scocco over at Daily Blog Tips is having a group writing project where he’s asking the question of “What Is A Blog?”  Seeing as I am never one to pass on someone else giving me an idea for a post, of course I’m going to participate.

I’ve thought up until recently that blogs were pretty much any news source on the web, but that has drastically changed for me over the past year.  While I write on this site, and have always considered it a blog, when I started blogging professionally in July of 2007, I realized that the only similarities they shared was that they are both published on the Internet.

While the style I write with at Mashable has bled somewhat into my personal blog, it is still a drastically different format and subject matter.  So my definition of a “blog” has shifted to more of a publishing platform than a style of writing.  Just as movies have different genres, so do blogs: news, personal, informational and on and on.

I would say at this point that any site that conveys information in a chronological style format pretty much qualifies as a blog.  Daniel stated things like comments and RSS feed would fall in his definition, but I have seen to many sites that meet the criteria of informational and chronological, and then miss one of the other two, that I’m not going to be quite as strict.

So how do you define it?  Leave a comment, or if you have a blog of your own, join in the project!

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