August 16 2008

Michael Phelps

Well, what can you really say? Eight chances to medal, and he walks away with eight gold medals in one year.  The record of seven had been owned by Mark Spitz since Munich in 1972, but now Michael Phelps stands alone as an eight time gold medalist in one year.

His total gold medal tally is fourteen, also a record, and that one may be challanged some day, but eight golds in one Olympics is going to be tough to beat.  He had to swim seventeen races to accomplish it, and kept a schedule that may have destroyed some other athletes, but he pulled it off as if it was nothing.  The schedule may be what actually keeps him from ever being challanged, or it may just be that no one else can ever be this good at any given sport.

So, congratulations to Michael Phelps on his amazing feat.  Now, go get some sleep, I think you’ve earned it.

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August 10 2008

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