August 17 2008

It Isn’t Only Hollywood That Is Out Of Ideas

JC Penny’s has a recent ad campaign that is just annoyingthe living beejebus out of me.

I first encountered it at the movie theater a few months back, you know, when I lost 19 minutes of my life, and it has played every time since at the theater.  Well, now it has chased me home as it is on my television at least five times a night.  To the right here is a shot from the JC Penny “Get That Look” ad campaign which is 100% based on the 1985 John Hughes‘ film, The Breakfast Club.

You can’t fault Hughes for wanting to make money from an old property, but you have to wonder what in the world JC Penny’s was thinking with this campaign.  Yes, it is catchy, especially with the updated version of the theme song, “Don’t Forget About Me”, but the film is 23-years-old, considerably older than the people this campaign is targeted at.  Sure, people in my age bracket recognize things like the sculpture in the middle of the library, the premise, the little nods to famous scenes (they didn’t dance QUITE that much, though), but there seems to be no indication anywhere of the source material int he actual ad.  There is a little mention of it on the front page of the website, but it is easily overlooked.  Hopefully at least a few people will notice it and a new generation will be exposed to this classic teenager film.

I have talked numerous times about how Hollywood seems to be out of ideas for television shows and movies, but now it seems to be spreading into advertising also.  I can understand the “Get That Look” idea, but attaching it to a 23-year-old movie?  Could they not come up with any contemporary imagery?  A fresh idea?  This is a process I just simply don’t get.  Do advertising executives now just sit down in front of their DVD collections when trying to come up with a new campaign and say, “Hey, we can rip that off!… I mean, ‘pay homage’ to it!”

All I know is that I am ready for this campaign to run its course and just go away.  I don’t need to hear the modern version of the song one more time, and I sure don’t need to see “the young hipsters” ripping off some of my favorite scenes from a movie I loved in my teens.

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