August 18 2008 Revisited

One of the features when you log in to your WordPress blog dashboard is you can see past entries from the same day in years past.  Well, I typically take a look at these to see if they inspire a new entry from me, and Firefox haters go to a whole new level, published one year ago today, led me to some interesting discoveries.

As a refresher, there was a man who had determiend the Firefox plugin Addblock Plus was just pure evil, so he had set up his websites to block Firefox users.  Instead of just blocking folks, though, it redirected them to, which, at the time, explained his thought process behind this and how Mozilla allowing Adblock Plus to exist meant that Mozilla was endorsing it.  I ended up covering this for also, and at that time Danny Carlton, the owner of the blocked site, and I had a… well… less than friendly exchange of emails.  Well, let me rephrase that in that I was friendly and he wasn’t.  You can see the quotes in either of my original pieces.

So, flash forward to today, and just for grins I decided to revisit his site while using Firefox to see what would happen.  Well, low-and-behold, I got onto his main site,, with no problems.  So I decided I should go see what was on WhyFirefoxIsBlocked now, and what I found was a site that used to sport no ads covered in Google Adsense ads, and now just filled with news gathered from other sources telling you how horrible Firefox is.  I did a search on the domain name to make sure it hadn’t been taken over by someone else, but it is still registered to the same Danny Carlton in Oklahoma that owned it last year.

Considering how friendly Mr. Carlton was last year, I didn’t bother emailing him to see why things had changed, and since this isn’t a news piece, but an opinion piece on a personal blog, it wasn’t really necessary.  Seeing as this is my opinion, I’m thinking Mr. Carlton discovered that:

  1. His campaign was pointless and never going to take off.
  2. He claimed Firefox users were a small percentage of the Internet, but I showed in both stories I wrote that my personal research showed they were well over 1/3 of Internet users.  Perhaps he missed the traffic?

It’s just interesting to see how much changed in a year.  From a freelance web designer who was angering a third of the web, to someone who seems to have lost their willingness to fight in something they believed in so hard… what an odd little journey.  Oh well, my little write-up on him on BLORGE led to my most popular post ever while I worked there, so I guess I owe him some sort of thanks.

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