August 23 2008

How Not To Announce Your Vice President

Barack Obama’s team needs to learn some manners.

Yesterday I was told by one of the editors at Mashable that I should do a list of resources about Obama’s pick for Vice President as soon as the name was released.  As it was coming via text message, I headed over to his site to sign up for text alerts, got set up and waited.

Now, the deal was that people on Obama’s text list were supposed to hear the news first on Friday, with the two people making an appearance on Saturday together.  As the day progressed it came out that he was going to hold the text until sometime on Saturday.  I took myself off alert, and went about my normal day.  My gut feeling was we would see the text around 12 PM EST so that it would be 9 AM PST.  That way they could minimize the number of people they woke up, and nobody likes to be worken up.

… that was a nice dream.

Aug 23, 2008 3:42:42 AM
Barack has chosen Senator Joe Biden to be our VP nominee.  Watch the first Obama-Biden rally live at 3pm ET on Spread the word!

I would like to know what idiot in his campaign felt it was a good idea to text people at 3:42 AM.  There is nothing wrong with using text messaging technology to get the word out, but you can at least be somewhat considerate of that time you send them out.

I spoke in the latest episode of Scattercast about how I plan to never discuss my personal politics on this blog, and this has nothing to do with whom I am supporting for President this year, this has everything to do with common courtesy.  I value you my sleep, and I don’t appreciate being woken up.  True, I signed up for the text messaging list so I would get the news and get to work on my project, but I certainly never thought it would come through at some insane hour when normal people are sleeping.

While I certainly don’t think Mr. Obama was standing next to some technician, looking at his watch and going, “NOW!  SEND IT NOW!”.  I think he may need to say to his team, “Hey, guys?  When trying to connect with the common people, you know, one of my major campaign slogans?  Try to not send them text essages at hours that might, oh, you know, wake them up and cause them to get pissed off and blog about it.”

Bad move, folks.  I didn’t appreciate it, and while it won’t factor into my voting, it is a small thing in the grander scheme of things, but it certainly did not endear you to me.

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