Back in April of this year, I did one of the largest lists I had ever done for Mashable: Dating Toolbox: 120+ Sites For Singles To Find Love.  I thought I had hit the majority of the dating sites out there when I even found one dedicated to farmers, but somehow I completely missed The… read more

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***MAJOR SPOILERS***… read more


I mentioned back on July 26th that Yahoo Music is shutting down, and due to their Digital Rights Management (DRM) their music files would be rendered unplayable when this happened.  Well Yahoo has come up with a solution… kinda. Yahoo Music will be issuing coupons to their customers so they can buy their musical tracks… read more

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Hard to believe it, but Splash Page Comics/AnimeUSA turns 22-years-old today. Since I have gained so many followers over this past year, many of you may not even know about “my other life”.  Besides writing for Mashable, I have a “day job” working on the family business, AnimeUSA.  The store officially opened on August 4th,… read more

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As of Saturday, The Dark Knight finally passed the magical $360 million dollar benchmark meaning it is officially into profitability! Not only that, it came in number 1 at the box office for a third weekend, but it ended up finishing the weekend at $394 million in domestic box office totals.  This places it in… read more

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Ina follow-up to my original post, Beijing has opened the Internet to journalists slightly more, but it still isn’t what they promised. While the International Olympic Committee has met with Beijing officials, they still have not gotten the unrestricted access to the Internet that journalists were promised.  According to the Telegraph, journalists are finding the… read more

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Just me yammering at you this week folks, and I apologize in advance for my voice starting to go towards the end. Stupid pollen. This week I talk about this story at Valleywag about people getting angry, again, about how Google Street View violates your “privacy”. I give some thought to a comment left by… read more

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