The Copyright Royalty Board (CRB) in Washington, D.C. is set to rule on Thursday over a request from the National Music Publishers’ Association (NMPA) to raise the royalty rate paid on digital downloads. It seems the NMPA has decided it is time for royalties to go up, and seeing as CD sales are on the… read more

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According to IO9, there is talk of someone doing a sequel to Blade Runner. Okay, first off, the original film came out in 1982, based on a novel by Philip K. Dick named Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep, and while it has cult status, I doubt many people younger than myself even know of… read more

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A 478-carat diamond was found in the Kingdom of Lesotho recently. The diamond has been rated as a D color, the highest color grade possible in a white diamond, and it is said to have a flawless center.  After going through the cutting process they expect to yield a 100-carat round diamond. Who cares? I… read more

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September 27 2008

R.I.P. Paul Newman

What could any person say about Paul Newman that hasn’t been said a thousand times by millions of others? While Mr. Newman could have traded on his famous good looks for his entire career, he didn’t.  Instead he became a master of his craft and provided us with more memorable roles than some armies of… read more

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It’s episode 11… and it’s mostly for all the new people… – Lots of new readers this week, and possibly some new listeners, so a bit of a catch up on who I am and what this blog is about. All of this brought about due to that James Bond post. – Comments, comments, comments…… read more

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Over three days last October (posts here, here and here), the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) finally won their first legal victory against a peer-to-peer user.  However, nearly one year later, the victory has been overturned, and all the parties involved are heading back to court. For those of you who don’t remember Jammie… read more


People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) wants to see Ben & Jerry’s replace cow milk with human breast milk in their products. According to a story on NBC 5 WPTZ’s website, PETA sent a letter to the founders of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream after they heard of a restaurant in Switzerland that… read more

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Ian Fleming, a former British Naval officer during World War II,created James Bond 007 in 1953.  After fourteen books about the British spy, Mr. Fleming passed away in 1964 of a heart attack.  Somehow his character endures over four decades after his death, and shows no signs of slowing down. I bring all of this… read more

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On the episode of Saturday Night Live that aired on September 20th, there was a sketch about the New York Times sending their writers to Alaska to sniff out as much as they can about Governor Palin. Host James Franco is playing the assignments editor and pitching the assignment to his staff.  As they are… read more

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September 21 2008


It would be easy to assume with how much I talk about music, I must go to a ton of concerts, but sadly the opposite is true. Living in a town of 17,000, and being the biggest town for a 90 mile radius, doesn’t lead to many bands coming to my little corner of the… read more

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September 20 2008

Working Out

While I’ve mentioned on this site a few times that I’ve been working to lose weight, but I don’t think I ever mentioned what I was doing for exercise. Well, as you might guess from the graphic, I’ve been lifting weights.  Nothing fancy, just barbells, but it is amazing how many different things you can… read more

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It’s episode 10… and it’s a bit ranty… On deck this week: – More Microsoft ranting about their ad campaign and how they don’t know what they’re doing from their ivory tower. – Financial woes of the world and how I think they came about and how they will end up impacting everyone in a… read more

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