September 1 2008

Blog Day 2008

BlogDay is all about honoring those blogs we love reading, but maybe don’t get enough attention. Well, I heard about this the day after it was over, but I figured since it was a holiday, oh well, I’d do it anyway.

Unfortunately, working two full time jobs does not leave me much time for recreational blog reading, but I’ll still give it a shot to maybe pass on some notice to those bloggers that actually earn some of my precious time.

Darth Mojo – A special effects artist that works on Battlestar Galactica and has interesting insights into what gets cut, what inspires the looks of ships, his slavish devotion to bridging the original series aesthetics to the new one and just all things sci fi geeky.

Garfield Minus Garfield – Not a traditional blog, but my day is a little sadder any time there isn’t a new post of this oddly addictive comic strip which is missing its title character.

Little Lost Robot – I stumbled across this blog during the 2006 winter Olympics as I was looking something up that happened at the games.  JL is an Emmy winning television videographer who is… well, let’s be blunt… a huge geek, but that’s what makes him so much fun.  Since he has a full video editing bay at his disposal, he also makes kickass videos we all just wish we could.

Rizzn’s Personal Blog – Mark ‘Rizzn’ Hopkins and I work together at Mashable, and through our habit of bonding over slamming our heads against the wall anytime a new bitchmeme pops up, we’ve become buddies.  I also really enjoy watching when he annoys the entire blogosphere with something that seems fairly innocent on the surface… I sit back with popcorn and watch.

Valleywag – There is something oddly addictive about reading about the gossipy happenings of the Web 2.0 scene.

What are your fave blogs?

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