September 3 2008

Buying A Large HD TV Via Amazon

When an old tube television died in our house, we were left with a quandry about how to replace it.  Do you go with another tube TV when they are so outdated?  Get a smaller flat panel?  Or buy a bigger flat panel HDTV, moving the current one out of the family room and putting in a newer, bigger, HD set?

Yeah, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out we went with a bigger set.

So, moving from a 32″ LCD to a 42″ LCD presented some problems I couldn’t predict.

  1. Were you aware Amazon shipped anything by truck?  I sure wasn’t, but they do.  It really wasn’t a problem, but it just took me by surprise, and then it sat in a St. Louis warehouse for a week because they had no trucks heading my way, but that was survivable.
  2. Where I was taken by surprise was Amazon paid for “white glove service” which meant the driver not only brought the TV into the house, but he assembled the stand for me, attached the TV, checked it for any physical scratching and stuck around until I hooked it up, turned it on and tried the remote. As they didn’t charge me for shipping, I was completely shocked they went that far, but kudos to them.
  3. Okay, where I sit in the family room puts me a bit to the left side of the set so I see it at a bit of an angle, not a problem normally, but when you increase the screen this much, it’s a bit like sitting in the front row of the movie theater.  With television shows it isn’t too bad, but then I popped on a video game and… all I can say is I am thankful that game controllers are now wireless so I could go sit across the room on the couch.  It was like sensory overload playing Call of Duty 4, but moving across the room made it better.

All in all I’m thrilled we went with a larger screen, but I will say I wish Amazon had warned me about the way it was going to be shipped before I ordered, but I had no clue until it had already shipped.  Also, since we are still receiving standard definition satellite signal, the signal noise is really evident on this larger screen, so it looks like it may be time to finally upgrade the receiver to boot.

-sigh- Technology.

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