September 4 2008

Buffy Season 8, Issue 18


Characters Seen:

Buffy is still in the future, and after pouring over some “history” books, she’s distraught to find no mentions of the Slayer army, vague references to what may or may not be the Scoobies, and something so ridiculous that she can’t even comprehend it. (she never enlightens us to any of this) She’s bummed, she created the army to make a better world, but instead she finds a not so happy future New York.

Melaka drops in through a skylight in her loft, she’s gotten word from her underwater friend, Gunther, that “lurks” have been spotted in “the uppers”, an area they don’t usually hit.

Melaka: I fig we stake some lush haunt. Lurks come out, we skin ’em for stories, yeah?
Buffy: Does any part of that sentence involve me beating something up?
Melaka: Think so…
Buffy: Include me in.

As they leave, Melaka asks her if the books helped, and she replies that she doesn’t know.

Back in the present, Willow is saying “Frak!” as she reads a book, while Kennedy tells her not to curse like a nerd. She is reading books, trying to find a solution to getting Buffy back, but nothing is helping. Kennedy says they will figure something out, to which Willow replies if “Ken-doll” trusts her.

Willow: Ken-doll, do you trust me and know that I love you and I’m not a crazy person and what we do is for the greater good cross your hear no backsies?
Kennedy: Dug. What do we gotta do?
Willow: Frak.

Xander is still riding Dawn’s back (remember, she’s a centaur) as they race through a forest. Xander slips off, Dawn stops to ask if he’s okay. He says yes, but knows the snake men are still after them, and since the escape tunnel leads in the other direction, they won’t be running into any Slayers that can help them.

As they rest for a minute, they discuss what happened and put two and two together to figure out a bomb laced with magic could only mean Warren and Amy were behind it. As they get set to leave, they are yelled at by some trees… with flaming arms… that have faces… and talk…

Lorelahn: This place is forbidden to human. To gaze upon the forest souls is inevitable death. Thus swears Lorelahn!
Dawn: Yeah, do I look human to you tree-boy?
Xander: And more importantly, did you just say ‘thus swears’?
Dawn: What’s your deal anyway? With the fire and the branches and the sword — did you get caught in a legend blender?
Xander: Ka-ha-ha! No! No. Seriously, Lorelei–
Lorelahn: LoreLAHN, with an ‘ah’ sound.
Xander: We got things following us that are way scarier than you, so how’s about you show us the way out of the forbidden thicket, and we’ll call it a weird horrible day.
Lorelahn: Uh… it is death to… what was scarier than us?

Gunther is swimming around his pool, he hears a tapping, so he swims to the surface only to find Harth, Melaka’s brother, some other lurks, and one of his guards clearly killed by them. Harth informs him they have a problem since he has been ratting out his plans to Melaka, but Gunther informs him not threaten him because if they so much as crack the glass, the room will be flooded with sunlight. He tells him to not to try to scare him, he was born literally in the gutter, and he knows how to handle himself, and to don’t think he can outbeast him.

Harth says that they are of a kind, and turns to leave… then he reminds Gunther that lurks don’t need to breath, and we see multiple vampires swimming up behind Gunther.

Buffy is driving a flying car while Mekala screams. It seems Buffy is getting her first driving lesson in a car they stole because they needed the right security plates to get to the upper levels of the city. As Buffy seems to be getting the car under control, Mekala spots a van full of lurks, she wants to attack them, but Buffy wants to find the central nest. Mekala jumps out of the car anyway, going after the pack, but Buffy flies on.

As Mekala finishes dusting the crew, a woman who had been bit asks if she will turn, but she tells her it doesn’t work that way. As she mumbles about Buffy having her priorities out of order, Willow in her Madwoman guise appears, telling her if she hates Buffy, she’ll be harder to kill.

Present day Willow is naked, surrounded in green mist, saying “So close… so close…” when suddenly the female serpent demon we keep seeing has appeared before her. She says she was wondering when Willow would return, Willow tells her it is a bit tricky getting there, and the serpents asks “But fun, no?”

Willow is pissed, she says the demon lied to her, and now she wants to know how to get Buffy back. The demon seems surprised Willow can’t do it, but Willow says she doesn’t have that kind of power, the demon asks, “Is that so?” Willow says time-bending takes deep dark magics, and Willow wants to know who told the demon about everything that would happen, she says it is someone she trusted.

After some more banter about trust, and how the world needs Buffy, the demon informs her the rift will reopen that night, but she won’t tell Willow how exactly it works. She demands a promise of Willow for this information that she won’t look into the rift. Willow promises, and as she fades she tells the demon she will see her soon, the demon says “Yes… do come again.” We leave this scene seeing a very smug, and naked, Kennedy, as Willow gets dressed… HEY! I think it took sex magic to see that demon! Wait… were there a whole bunch of double entendres in all this?!? (I kid)

Mekala has figured out this is the “madwoman” they have heard about, though she figured she’d be a lurk. Willow says that Mekala knows she’s not, but she replies that she doesn’t think she is quite human either, Willow only replies “Not for some time now.”

As they go on, Mekala says she won’t kill a Slayer, but Willow says she won’t show the same mercy. As they go on, Mekala knows part of Willow and Harth’s plan has to be to “spin” her, but Willow conjures a small green flame, which she informs Mekala is all the magic she can muster, to show her something.

Buffy has crashed the hover car, but she got close enough to see the huge nest the lurks have. She heads back to Mekala’s loft, only to run into the cop sister of Mekala, who pulls a gun on her. Buffy calms her down and explains who she is. She wants to know where Mekala is, and Buffy spells out everything that has gone down with Mekala going after the lurk pack, her finding the nest and so on.

They talk about what a pain younger sisters can be for never listening. Buffy tells her she wanted to be a cop, or a “law” as they call it in the future, which leads to the following exchange:

Erin Fray: Puffy, can I–
Buffy: Buffy. Sorry. With a B. Don’t want future history calling me “Puffy.” It’s just… you had a question?
Erin: You’re a Slayer?
Buffy: Yeah.
Erin: Why?
Buffy: Why? Why are you a law?

Buffy gets shot.

As Erin checks her vitals, she asks Mekala if she is sure about this, she says she is, but Erin doens’t understand why they’re doing this. Mekala tells her they are saving the world.

That’s it for this issue. Seems to be picking up some speed for this story arc, but I still would like to see some more on the overall arc with Twilgiht. We’re 18 issues in now folks, time to get back to that! And will we see a full on Dark Willow story again? Ugh… I hope not.

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