September 11 2008

9/11 – Seven Years On

I debated all day if I wanted to say anything this year or just continue with my normal BS posts, but you obviously can tell what won out.

As I said last year, 9/11 has come to mean many things to me, it changed my life in a number of ways; it probably led to me finally sealing the idea I would close my retail store to concentrate on other venues, but it also brought about other changes I am more reluctant to discuss.

For whatever reason, it seems to bother me more with each passing year instead of getting a numb feeling.  Perhaps I should be grateful for the fact that I’m not turning into some sort of machine where something of this magnitude doesn’t effect me, but it also makes me not thrill to this day each year when it rolls around.

I try to concentrate on the things I’m thankful for, the people in my life, and that it hasn’t happened again.

So, what does 9/11mean to you now, dear readers?

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