September 15 2008

True Blood

HBO launched a new vampire series called True Blood a little over a week ago, and, everyone hold on to your hats, I’m enjoying it!

I know, I know, most people are used to me ragging on all forms of media, and that’s not to say it’s without it’s faults, but it is holding my attention.

The basic premise is that a Japanese company came up with a synthetic blood named “True Blood”, and once this was known, vampires decided to “come out of the coffin”.  Over the two years since this happened, they have been integrating into society, and are even on the verge of getting the Vampire Rights Bill passed to give them equal rights with mortals in the United States.

In Bon Temps, LA, small town waitress Sookie Stackhouse (Played by Oscar winning actress Anna Paquin) has been anxious to meet one.  Then, one night Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) walks into her bar, and she is instantly attracted to him.  Part of the reason may be that Sookie has been telepathic her entire life, and she has trouble turning it off, but for some reason all she hears from Bill is silence, and she finds it relaxing.

I won’t give away any more of the plot details, but I have to say I am intrigued by a lot of aspects of the show, and it quickly sets up a lot of mysteries that I am anxious to figure out.  Who killed the town tramp?  What is going on with Sookie’s brother?  Why does a mysterious dog seem to follow Sookie everywhere she goes, and why does Bill keep smiling at it like he knows something?

What I didn’t know going into this was that is based on an 8 novel series called The Southern Vampire Mysteries by Charlaine Harris.  The first episode intrigued me enough to go ahead and order the first novel, Dead Until Dark, which I, of course, have not had time to read yet.  I also must admit that I went ahead and picked it up because the show debuted to fairly low ratings, and it makes me worried we won’t get past the first 12 episodes they’ve filmed.  True, I may lose interest a couple episodes in (only two have aired so far), but for now it has me looking forward to each new episode.

If you’ve got the time, go ahead and check it out.  If you like vampire stories, you’ll like it.  If you like Souther style mysteries, you’ll like it.

The only thing I truly hate about the series?  I’ve long had an idea for a vampire story that a synthetic blood played a large aspect in… d’oh!

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