September 18 2008

Septermber 19th Be Talk Like A Pirate Day Me Mateys

If it’s September 19th, then it must be International Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Normally I talk about this on the 19th, but since it falls on a Friday this year, and Fridays are Scattercast day, I thought I would give you all the reminder today.  And, no, I will not be doing Scattercast in pirate speak as my throat would give out in about 5 minutes.

The fascination with pirates never ceases to amaze me considering what a dirty, vile lifestyle they led, but I’m just as bad being interested in them.  And, hey, if we can all indulge our fascinations for one day a year, why not?

For those of you have not talked pirate before, the official site gives you a good primer on talking like a pirate.  So me ‘earties, grab ye a tankard of grog and be the best pirate ye can be!

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