September 20 2008

Working Out

While I’ve mentioned on this site a few times that I’ve been working to lose weight, but I don’t think I ever mentioned what I was doing for exercise.

Well, as you might guess from the graphic, I’ve been lifting weights.  Nothing fancy, just barbells, but it is amazing how many different things you can do with them.  While I’m certainly not looking to turn into some massive body builder, I will say it’s nice finally having some actual muscles, something I have never really had before.

Therein lies the dilemmas, though.  First off, muscle weighs more than fat, so my weight number is holding fairly steady while my body mass is obviously massively shifting.  My clothes are constantly getting looser, so I know that I’m making progress.  Dilemma number 2 being that I am some definite muscle definition forming, but I have to find a balance between losing weight, getting good definition, and not looking like a total muscle builder.

I guess I should be thankful that I am actually making progress, it’s something I’ve struggled with for a long time, but now that it’s working, where do you stop?  Darn these catch-22 situations!

I think the most shocking thing is that I have actually gotten to a point where I enjoy doing it.  Sure there are some days I dread it, but once I get going, I guess I hit that “runner’s high” type of thing and I actually get to where I enjoy it.  Considering how many years I avoided all forms of exercise like a plague, it’s just surprising to me to finally see why people say it’s a good time.  How odd.

So does all of this have a point, or am I just rambling at you all?  Eh, yes and no.  I would say the point is if you keep putting off doing exercise for yourself, stop it.  I always used excuses like not enough time, too busy, all of the usual ones, but here I am working two full-time jobs with a host of other responsibilities, and I find the time.  If I can do it, I can just about guarantee you that you can also.

What do you do for exercise?  How do you fight those “blogger 15”, or any weight you gain from a sitting job.  How do you keep in shape?

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